Managing Complex Development Projects Efficiently

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The Challenge

As our central hub, the Project Management Office (PMO) is the key to successful and sustainable uniform project management. The PMO not only manages the transfer of information about multiple projects between multiple companies and assigns competent experts to the various development projects; The Project Management Office also provides operational support to project managers and ensures efficient project management overall.

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The Approach

Based on an as-is analysis of the current project status, we quickly build precise tailor-made PMO structures using suitable standards, methods, tools and processes. These provide transparency, facilitate efficient collaboration and free up the project managers.

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Benefits for Our Customers

We offer our clients an integrated approach to consulting that takes all aspects of a project into consideration, from PMO structure, scheduling, project management and determination of the project strategy to risk and maturity stage management. Our pool of project managers guarantees that we will always have the right staff available.

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